The husband of a blind woman is suing Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center for giving the woman a dangerous prescription cocktail that lead to her permanently loosing her sight.

After entering the hospital for heart surgery that left Dolores Hankey blind six and a half years ago, her trial opened on May 22 in Luzerne County Court in Pennsylvania.

Hankey went into Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center for coronary artery surgery on December 13, 2005, and received treatment for an unrelated knee infection five days later, according to the Luzerne County Citizens Voice. Doctors replaced the knee and put Hankey on narcotic painkillers, antibiotics and drugs used to curb high blood pressure, stress hormones and later a diuretic. The combination blocked blood flow to vital organs and left the woman permanently blind in both eyes, according to the suit.

The suit stated three doctors and two nurses from Intermountain Medical Group and Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center were negligent and did not act in high standard, according to the source.

The paper reported, Thomas Hankey, Dolores’ husband, is suing for medical malpractice in excess of $50,000 for loss of companionship and consortium.

Although the suit does not specify what drug was given to Hankey for lowering her blood pressure, a recent report from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston discovered the popular diabetes drug, metformin, used to regulate blood pressure, is a leading cause of blindness. 


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